An Avatar is your 3D representative in Cyberspace. A properly programmed Avatar should be able to express a range of actions/emotions/gestures as you chat in a 3D multi-user environment such as Cybertown. In the Hindu religion, an avatar is an incarnation of a deity; hence, an embodiment or manifestation of an idea or greater reality.

What’s an avatar?

Here’s the definition of an Avatar according to Microsoft Encarta’s general dictionary:
av·a·tar (plural av·a·tars) noun

  1. incarnation of Hindu deity: an incarnation of a Hindu deity in human or animal form, especially one of the incarnations of Vishnu such as Rama and Krishna
  2. embodiment of something: somebody who embodies, personifies, or is the manifestation of an idea or concept
  3. COMPUTING image of person in virtual reality: a movable three-dimensional image that can be used to represent somebody in cyberspace, for example, an Internet user(1)

With these pages I try to share some of my knowledge, experience, and work, with my fellow citizens. I have had fun learning about what makes an Avatar tick, and I hope you will too.

If you think you know what you are doing and you only want to see a listing of all of my avatars, just look at my avatar directory.